The bloodshed. A red gaze fell on

Wasn't the sight of the dead that had sent her running for the safety of the High Church. It was the presence of the demon. Salin had a gift, one she liked to keep to herself because of its inherent strangeness. Ever since she'd been little, she'd been able to see things. Hidden truths about people that they may have wanted to keep to themselves. She knew that the Priests and Nuns weren't altogether human. Her second sight showed them as figures of fire crouched within their physical bodies. The sight had frightened her at first, but the High Priest had gently explained that buy instagram followers what she was seeing wasn't evil, but a mark of divine favor. Proof that those working for the Church were really servants of the Lord. After she'd come to live within the Fifth Ward the High Priest had taught her all sorts of things. He'd taught her how to tell if someone was lying, he'd taught her how to see if someone's faith was waning, and he taught her to see the angels. To those without the sight, an angel could look normal. It was the wings, the twin orbs of light superimposed over their bodies that gave them away. That marked them as other. She'd never thought she'd see an angel. The High Priest had told her about them, about how to recognize them if ever she came across one, but she'd never thought she'd one day look upon such evil. Then she'd seen him. Stumbling into the city on the arm of some tiny rebel. He'd looked like a man at first glance, but her second sight showed her the truth. Showed her instagram the shadow of buy instagram followers wings rising behind him, and she'd known him for what he was. A curse. He was the reason behind their pain and suffering. He was the reason their crops were dying, why people instagram were starving, why the sickness had managed buy instagram followers to kill a majority of the population. It wasn't that Ward Five had angered God. It was because they were being attacked by evil. The demon would weaken their bodies and claim their souls for his own, and he would do so without anyone the wiser, unless she was able to warn the others still buy instagram followers barricaded on Church grounds. Salin would save them, she thought to herself. She would give her warning and save them all. Then the High Priest could kill this angel like he had all the others he'd once told her about. The crops would flourish, food would flow, the sick would grow healthy once more. It would be a miracle. She pushed past the two large oaken doors that made up the entrance of the High Church and began to make her way down the aisle. She was ignored for the most part, but every now and then she would pass a pew and a curious individual would raise their head from their Bible and pause in their recitation of the scripture. Salin paid them no mind. Her head was lowered, chin almost touching her chest and her shoulders hunched in as if to protect herself from a blow. A lone tear escaped when she closed her eyes as she whispered under the onslaught of the faithful, shaken to her very core still by what she'd seen. He comes, the Eater of Sin. The devil, the demon, the darkness. As she spoke, the panic that had slicked her body in cold sweat and pushed her heart to the bursting point now seemed to be clawing inside of her gut like a live thing. Her